Amount and payment of job alternation compensation

The compensation is equal to 70% of the unemployment allowance to which the person would be entitled were he or she unemployed.

The job alternation compensation is calculated on the basis of the unemployment allowance without any supplementary amount or increased earnings-related amount.

In 2020 the job alternation compensation calculated on the basis of the basic unemployment allowance is EUR 23.56 per day. The job alternation compensation is paid in retrospect once a month for a maximum of 5 days per calendar week. The compensation is subject to tax.

If you have earnings during the job alternation leave, the earnings are adjusted in the same way as for other unemployment benefits. If you work part-time or have income from self-employment during the job alternation leave, you can use the calculator application to estimate the effect of the earnings on the job alternation compensation.

Report changes in your circumstances

If you are paid an unemployment benefit, you must notify Kela of the following types of changes:

  • earnings during the time of unemployment
  • birth of a child or other changes in family circumstances

In this way, the benefit is paid to the correct amount and you also do not lose any benefit due to you.

If you do not notify changes of the above type, you may be paid the benefit without grounds and forced to pay it back later on.

Don't forget to check how any changes in your circumstances will affect other benefits paid to you by Kela.

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