Using a power of attorney in your interactions with Kela

If interacting with Kela is challenging for you personally, you can authorise another person to do so on your behalf.

The most convenient way to authorise another person is to fill out a power of attorney form:

Through the power of attorney the person who is authorised to handle matters on another person's behalf may be authorised to handle all interactions with Kela, or the power of attorney may be restricted to concern only certain benefits or certain transactions. The power of attorney may be valid without any time limitation or for a specific period of time. For example, pensioners entitled to a guarantee pension can authorise another person to claim the pension on their behalf or elderly parents can authorise their children to handle all matters with Kela on their behalf.

The power of attorney does not allow the payment details of the beneficiary to be changed. To change the payment details, a separate authorisation is needed. The authorised agent has the right to access confidential information required to handle the matter in question only if consent to the access to information has been given in the power of attorney.

The power of attorney must always be given in writing. You may use the designated form or write the power of attorney in your own words if you wish.

Oral authorisation

In certain situations, it is also possible to give an oral authorisation, for example when calling Kela's telephone assistance. Kela will check the identity of both yourself and the person you are authorising.

Oral authorisations are usually valid one time only. If you need to authorise someone to act on your behalf repeatedly, you should do so in writing.

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