Basic income: Amount and payment

The basic income is paid out at a rate of €560 per month. Everyone included in the experiment receives the same amount. If a basic income is paid for a period shorter than one calendar month, the amount is €18.67 per day.

Those participating in the experiment get a basic income from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2018. The payment date is the second weekday of each month.

The amount of the basic income remains the same throughout the experiment, and it is not reduced by any other income the participant may have. Participants who find work during the experiment continue to be paid a basic income. An amount equal to the basic income is deducted from certain social security benefits paid to participants.


Anna was paid labour market subsidy in November 2016. She is selected to participate in the basic income experiment, and will begin to receive a monthly basic income of €560 on 1 January 2017.

She has registered with the Employment and Economic Development Office as unemployed and looking for work. In March, she is offered a job that meets her qualifications. Starting from 1 March 2017, Anna will be paid both her salary and the basic income of €560 per month. She gets both the full salary and the full basic income. The basic income is not subject to tax, so Anna will only pay taxes on her salary.