Contact us if you have questions about the basic income

If you have received basic income payments from Kela and need advice on how to claim other benefits, please contact us by phone. Customer service specialists are available to answer your questions between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. You can also book an appointment for an office visit or for phone service.

Charges for calling Kela's customer service:

  • calls from a landline phone: standard local network rate
  • calls from a mobile phone: standard mobile rate
  • calls from outside Finland: international rate as applicable

The actual cost depends on your operator. If you have a phone plan, you should check with the operator whether your plan covers calls to 020 numbers.

Media enquiries

For media inquiries, please contact the Communications Section. Our media contact number at +358 20 634 7745 is open between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Kela will not release clients’ personal details

Kela will not release personal information about its clients to the media, to researchers or to anyone else unless doing so is expressly allowed or required by law. From Kela’s perspective, the basic income was just like any other social benefit it provides. It is also not part of Kela’s statutory responsibility to forward contact requests from the media to those selected to participate in the basic income experiment.

Moreover, being charged with the implementation of the experiment, Kela must ensure that the research goals are achieved. This requires, among other things, that contacts to the study participants are well timed and appropriately limited considering the goals of the experiment.

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