Report changes

Persons receiving a basic income must tell Kela of any changes which are relevant to the basic income or which disqualifies them from receiving a basic income.

Be sure to tell Kela if you receive or have claimed a social security benefit which disqualifies you for the basic income. The following are such benefits:

  • child home care allowance
  • all pensions: national pension, guarantee pension, earnings-related pensions
  • rehabilitation allowance
  • adult education subsidy, study grant and housing supplement
  • compensations paid in the event of a loss of livelihood and based on the Motor Liability Insurance Act, the Patient Injuries Act or the Act on the Compensation of Crime Damage
  • daily allowance, life annuity, supplemental annuity or assistance pension paid under the Military Injuries Act
  • farm closure compensation.
  • compensation for loss of income, daily allowance or pension paid under workers' compensation insurance laws
  • workers' compensation or survivors' pensions paid in accordance with the Act on Accident and Pension Insurance for Athletes
  • comparable benefits received from abroad.

Also tell Kela if

  • you are hospitalised or in comparable institutional care for 90 days or more
  • you are performing military or non-military service.
  • you are serving a prison sentence
  • you are covered by the social security laws of another country based on your employment
  • you stay outside Finland for longer than 30 days 
  • you have been assigned a legal guardian
  • your unemployment benefit is paid to the municipal authorities.

If the restriction preventing you from getting a basic income is lifted during the experiment, tell Kela so that payment of the basic income can be resumed.