Book an appointment

We recommend booking an appointment if your situation is complicated or you have many Kela-matters to handle. We offer service by appointment by phone and at our customer service points.

At the moment you can only book phone appointments online. When necessary, we can book an appointment for you at the phone service or a customer service point. 

How to book an appointment

  1. Book an appointment online. You must have a valid phone number and a Finnish personal identity code.
  2. You can also book an appointment by phone.
  3. If you are booking an appointment on behalf of someone, use that person's information. If you will also be acting on that person's behalf during the appointment, make sure that you have a power of attorney.

How to cancel your appointment

  1. Cancel your appointment online. You can cancel your appointment by using the reference code, which you received when booking the appointment.
  2. If you don't have a reference code, please contact our customer service by phone.

When it's time for your appointment

  1. If you schedule a phone appointment, Kela's customer service will call you at the agreed time. Any telephone calls from Kela to you will come from an unknown number.
  2. Make sure that you have at hand all documents that might help in speeding up your service. You may need for example a pay check or medical certificate.
  3. If you visit Kela's customer service point, please bring your ID (driving licence or passport) and electronic identification with you.
    • If it is absolutely necessary to visit a customer service point, please maintain good hand hygiene and keep a safe distance to others.

    • Please do not visit a customer service point if you have flu symptoms, you are in quarantine, you have travelled abroad in the last two weeks or you have been exposed to the corona virus.

If you need interpretation

You can visit Kela's customer service point or contact us by phone. Kela's customer service will book an appointment and interpreter for you, if necessary. 

If you need the assistance of a sign language interpreter to deal with a customer service situation, please contact the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled to obtain the necessary authorisation.

If you have a restriction order

If access to your personal data has been restricted (under a turvakielto/sekretessmarkering order), do not book an appointment online. Our customer service will not be able to access your restricted information.