Changes to reimbursements for taxi travels (1 January 2022)

Starting 1 January 2022, there will in each region be 2 service providers from whom you can book taxi travels that are reimbursed by Kela.  Henceforth you can choose with which service provider you book a Kela taxi.

The new phone numbers for booking a Kela taxi (the numbers begin with 0800) will be taken into use starting 20 December 2021. The phone call is free of charge also in the future. Persons with sensory disabilities can book a taxi by text message. These numbers will also change.

The copayments for the taxi travels will remain unchanged. The maximum copayment for a one-way trip is EUR 25 and the annual out-of-pocket maximum is EUR 300.

In the future you can, if you wish, receive a text message when the taxi has accepted your booking. The text message will also include information on the phone number on which you can contact the taxi driver.

The dispatch centre receives information from Kela on your right to use a taxi

Kela will introduce an electronic lookup service (TAKSO) through which information can be forwarded to the dispatch centre. If you have submitted a certificate on continuing right to use a taxi (Todistus matkakorvausta varten, SV 67) to Kela, the dispatch centre receives information from Kela on what kind of vehicle you are entitled to use (taxi, wheelchair taxi, stretcher taxi or accessible vehicle).

Information is also forwarded through TAKSO on whether you have the right to use a familiar taxi driver and whether a copayment is charged for your trip. No copayment is charged if the annual out-of-pocket maximum has been reached.  

You can ask the service provider to add information about whether you need special assistance during taxi travels or if you have assistive devices with you.

Right to a familiar taxi driver starting 1 January 2022

Also henceforth the right to use a familiar taxi driver is based on an individual assessment. The right can only be granted if the trip would be impossible in any other way than using a familiar taxi driver. Read more about the right to use a familiar taxi driver.

If Kela has previously granted you the right to use a familiar taxi driver, this right will remain unchanged. However, you should check with the taxi driver you have used previously whether the driver will continue as your familiar taxi driver in 2022.

If your familiar taxi driver will not continue in 2022, you should contact either one of the service providers in your region. You should inquire about a new familiar taxi driver at the earliest from 1 January 2022. The service providers will provide further instructions on their websites on how to inquire about a familiar taxi driver.

Children under 16 years with right to use a familiar taxi driver

Henceforth also children under 16 years of age must submit a certificate on continuing right to use a taxi (Todistus matkakorvausta varten, SV 67) to Kela, unless such a certificate has already been submitted earlier and the taxi has been booked directly from the driver.

Starting 1 January 2022, the information on the right to use a familiar taxi driver will be forwarded from Kela to the service provider via the electronic lookup service TAKSO. A certificate on continuing right to use a taxi must be submitted to Kela so that the information can be forwarded to the service provider and you can also in the future use a familiar taxi driver.

New dispatch numbers

Book a taxi via the numbers mentioned in the following when you travel by taxi on or after 1 January 2022. The numbers will be taken into use starting 20 December 2021.

If you travel before or on 31 December 2021, you should book the taxi via the current dispatch numbers. Check the current numbers.

If you don't know which region your municipality belongs to, please refer to the list of municipalities (PDF, Finnish).


Service provider and dispatch number starting 1 January 2022


Taksi Saimaa Oy, 0800 555 123

Taksi Päijänne Oy , 0800 021 87


Keskustaksi Oy, 0800 924 40

Vaasan Ulataksi Oy, 0800 500 100


DRide Oy, 0800 415 700

Savon Taksidata Oy, 0800 306 600


Kainuun Taksivälitys Oy, 0800 933 99

Menevä Oy, 0800 021 89


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 616

Suomen Lähilogistiikka Oy, 0800 051 57

Keski-ja Pohjois-Pohjanmaa

Pohjois-Suomen Taksi Oy, 0800 933 77 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 933 11)

Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy, 0800 415 720 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 415 730)


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 608

Menevä Oy, 0800 021 83


DRide Oy, 0800 415 750

Suomen Lähilogistiikka Oy, 0800 05163


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 610

Suomen Lähilogistiikka Oy, 0800 051 54


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 606

Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy, 0800 415 710


Vaasan Ulataksi Oy, 0800 500 500 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 500 600)

Keskustaksi Oy, 0800 924 44 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 924 46)


Joensuun Taksi Oy, 0800 101 000

Menevä Oy, 0800 021 85


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 614

Joensuun Taksi Oy, 0800 102 000


Suomen Lähilogistiikka Oy, 0800 051 60

Lahden Aluetaksi Oy, 0800 301 23


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 612

Keskustaksi Oy, 0800 924 42


Suomen Lähilogistiikka Oy, 0800 051 50 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 051 51)

Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 600 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 414 601)


Taksi Helsinki Oy, 0800 414 603 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 414 604)

Menevä Oy, 0800 021 80 (Swedish dispatch number: 0800 021 82)