Amount of child benefit in the Åland Islands

In the Åland Island the child benefit is financed by the Åland Government. The amounts are slightly higher than on the mainland.

Amount of child benefit in the Åland Islands
Amount of child benefit according to the number of children in the Åland Islands € per month
For the first child 110
For the second child 143
For the third child 185
For the fourth child 214
For the fifth and each additional child 259

Single-parent supplement to the child benefit

In the Åland Islands, the single-parent supplement is €50 per month for each child who lives with you and is entitled to a child benefit. You can claim the single-parent supplement if you are not married or living together or if you are legally separated from your spouse. The supplement is available also if the parents have joint custody of their child. It is granted from the beginning of the month following the change in family circumstances.