A woman is talking on the telephone

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Kela's phone service for media enquiries is open Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm at 020 634 7745.

A woman is talking on the telephone


Communications and public relations are an important part of Kela's operations and of the work that each Kela employee does. Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides a uniform service to all citizens and communicates openly about its service and operations. Our basic principle in communications is that the contact person is whoever is best informed about a particular topic.

The Communications Unit has general responsibility for communications with customers and the media.

The purpose of customer communications is to help customers understand the rights and obligations they have with regard to social security and to provide advance notification of forthcoming changes. The main channels for customer communications are Kela's website, the customer magazines mailed to each Finnish household and the benefit guides.

The Communications Unit publishes Sosiaalivakuutus magazine which is designated for professionals working with the social security.

Further the Communications Unit publishes a range of annually updated benefit guides for customers. They focus on the benefits available in a specific situation of life. The benefit guides are complemented by Elämässä - Mitt i allt -guide and a range of leaflets dealing with topics of current interest.

In its communications with the media, Kela aims at equitability, diversity and timeliness. For the contact information of Kela staff with expertise in particular subjects, see media resources.