Working while drawing a disability pension

If you start salaried employment, report it to Kela and the authorised pension provider.

Wages, salaries and other types of earned income that count towards the earnings-related pension affect the payment of the disability pension. For self-employed persons, the income considered is their self-employment income under the self-employed persons' (YEL) or farmers' (MYEL) pension scheme. If that has not been confirmed, the income considered is the salary and income earned from self-employment.

  • Kela will continue to pay you a disability pension if your earnings before taxes or earned income under the YEL or MYEL scheme do not exceed €837.59 per month (2021).
  • If you receive a disability pension from Kela and you start work or self-employment where your earnings or earned income under the YEL or MYEL scheme exceed €837.59 per month, you can suspend the disability pension.
  • If you received care allowance for pensioners while on a disability pension, you can receive an allowance corresponding to the highest amount of the disability allowance.

Your earnings can also affect the housing allowance. The earnings will also affect your taxes.

Report your employment to Kela and the authorised pension provider.

Kela obtains salary information from the national incomes register. Kela uses this data when processing claims and applications. You will be contacted if additional information is required.

If the disability pension has been granted on the basis of permanent blindness or mobility disability, you can work without the earnings affecting the payment of the pension. However, work affects the guarantee pension. If you receive a guarantee pension, you can earn a maximum of EUR 837.59 per month without the earnings affecting the guarantee pension.

Return to work

When your disability pension has been suspended for two years and your work still continues, your disability pension will end.

If your health again deteriorates, you can file a new application for a disability pension. Send the application along with all necessary supporting documents to Kela. Your work ability will be assessed again.