E-mail communications with customers living outside Finland

Clients who live outside Finland can contact the Overpayment Recovery Centre via email if they do not have a Finnish online bank user ID or mobile certificate and are therefore unable to access Kela's online customer service system.

If you have a question concerning

  • the collection of child support debt from abroad or the recovery of benefits under EU regulation no. 883/2004, please send email to: maintenance at kela.fi
  • the recovery of benefits or the collection of government guaranteed student loan debt, please send email to: ulkomaanperinta at kela.fi

To send email to Kela over a secure connection, always use this link.

Enter your email address in the Sender (Lähettäjä) field. You will receive a message which contains a link you can use to send email to Kela over a secure connection. The link is active for 10 days. To send email over a secure connection, you will also need one of the email addresses on this page.

Instructions for sending email over a secure connection can be found here.