E-mail communications with partner organisations

Partner organisations of the Overpayment Recovery Centre have the option of contacting the Centre via email if it is not feasible to use the other secure communication alternatives made available by Kela. Our email address is perintakeskus at kela.fi. In debt adjustment matters, please contact velkajarjestelyt at kela.fi

For security reasons, please send email over a secure connection only. Partner organisations have a number of options when it comes to sending secure email:

  • Kela has set up a secure two-way email connection with a number of organisations. Check this list to see if your organisation is among them. If your organisation is on the list, email communications between your organisation and Kela are secure.
  • If there is no secure two-way connection between your organisation and Kela, you can use your Katso ID. Send email through this link. Enter your organisation's Business ID (Y-tunnus) in the Sender (Lähettäjä) field.
  • If you have neither a secure two-way connection nor a Katso ID, you can set up secure email communications with Kela by clicking here and entering your e-mail address in the Sender field. You will receive an email message which contains a link you can use to send email to Kela over a secure connection. The link is active for 10 days. Instructions for sending email over a secure connection can be found here (PDF).