At Kela, you can build a meaningful career

Kela offers a positive and modern work environment for a wide range of professionals. Most of our 6,000 staff work in customer service or handle claims for benefit. We also have many staff members in planning and managerial positions ranging from lawyers to pharmaceutical specialists to medical doctors.

Our extensive organisation offers advancement opportunities potentially all the way up to the highest tiers of management.

A  place for growth and personal development

At IT Services, you get to leverage your expertise in a wide variety of situations. As part of a team that creates systems used by Kela to offer social protection to everyone living in Finland, your work has a major societal impact.

You have the opportunity to make your mark on common practices and to help streamline our processes even further. In short, you get to shape the way you and your team get things done.

At IT Services, we have use for expertise in a large variety of fields, such as application development, system architectures, robotics, service design, testing, server administration and many others.

While leveraging our strength as a team, we are also a multi-location work environment that offers flexible work arrangements to suit individual circumstances. We offer a good range of benefits including extensive healthcare, meals, vouchers for cultural activities and the possibility of working from home.

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