Family leave reform

The upcoming family leave reform will also affect the benefits available from Kela. We will update this page as work on the reform progresses.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is preparing the family leave reform set out in the Government's programme.  Kela is represented in the working group preparing the reform.

The reform seeks to recognise equally all kinds of situations, including those involving diverse families and various forms of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The goals of the reform are:

  • to allocate family leave entitlements and care responsibilities equally between the parents
  • to strengthen non-discrimination and equality in working life
  • to reduce the gender wage gap.

The new family leave model will provide families much more opportunity, flexibility and freedom of choice than the current system in terms of their family leave decisions.

How the reform preparations will proceed

During 2021, work preparing the family leave reform will proceed as follows:

  • In February, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will circulate the Government’s draft proposal among the key parties, whose comments are expected by the beginning of April.
  • After that, the Ministry will put out a summary of the received comments.
  • The Government will then decide on the final proposal and submit it to Parliament in the autumn.

The reform is scheduled to enter into force in August 2022.

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