Application processing times and inquiries

Each year, Kela's Board of Directors sets target times for the processing of applications for key benefits. The application processing time is calculated from the registration of an incoming application to the issuance of a decision on it. The target time is expressed as an average, so actual processing times may vary somewhat in either direction. It is worth keeping in mind that the processing time for claims that have been returned from the appeal body for further review is longer than for ordinary claims.

Target processing times for selected benefit applications in 2020

One week
  • Unemployment benefits (5 working days, new applications 19 days)
  • Basic social assistance (7 working days)

Two weeks

  • Child Home Care Allowance / Private Day Care Allowance
  • Student loan compensation*
  • School transport subsidy
  • Reimbursements for medical and travel expenses
  • Conscript’s allowance
  • Maternity grant
  • Survivor's pension

* A decision cannot be given until after Kela has received information from the bank about the amount of the student loan, i.e. after 10 October in the case of degrees completed during the spring term and after 10 March in the case of degrees completed during the autumn term.

Three weeks

  • Entitlements to reimbursement of medicine expenses
  • Family benefits
  • Child Maintenance Allowance
  • Special care allowance
  • Interpreter service for persons with disabilities
  • Rehabilitation allowance *
  • Sickness Allowance
  • Sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease
  • General Housing Allowance
  • Entitlements to additional reimbursement of medicine expenses

* After the decision is given.

Four weeks

  • Coverage under the Finnish social security system
  • Waiver of child support debt
  • Housing Allowance for Pensioners
  • Some disability benefits

Five weeks

  • Parental Allowance
  • Rehabilitation determinations
  • National pension
  • Guarantee pension

Seven weeks

  • Extension of a temporary rehabilitation subsidy

Eleven weeks

  • New disability pension application

Check the status of your application on the front page of the online customer service

On the front page of the online customer service, you can check if your application has arrived or been decided, when the benefit will be paid and which benefits you have most recently received. In the online customer service, you can also see any possible reminders concerning, for instance, missing enclosures. Log in to Kela's online customer service using your online banking codes or a mobile certificate.