Recovery of overpayments and benefit debt

Kela recovers all overpaid benefits from recipients.

  • Kela also recovers child support debt in cases where the person liable for maintenance payments has neglected to make the required payments and Kela has paid child maintenance allowance instead.
  • Kela manages the recovery of government-guaranteed student loan debt, i.e. student loan debt repaid by Kela to the lending bank under the government loan guarantee.
  • Kela collects unpaid healthcare fees for higher education students.
  • Kela collects court-confirmed debts, including compensations for damages.

Recoveries are handled by Kela’s Overpayment Recovery Centre. If you wish to discuss a payment plan or any other recovery-related issue, contact the Overpayment Recovery Centre.


Log in to Kela's e-service (in Finnish and Swedish only) using your bank ID or a mobile ID.

Send details of the benefit overpayment

You can send a message through the e-service and bring up any points you wish to make about the recovery process. You can also propose a payment plan for the repayment of the debt.

Select Liikamaksu- ja takaisinperintäasiat (Overpayment and recovery) for this.

Check the amount and the due date

You can check the amount that is being recovered, the due date and the payment details under > Perintä (Recovery of overpayments).

You can look up benefits, child support debt, student loan debt and student healthcare fees that are being recovered from you. All recovery matters, such as recovery of legal expenses, do not show in the service.

Propose a plan for payment in instalments

You can propose to pay back the benefit in instalments under Hakemukset ja ilmoitukset (Applications and notifications) > Perinnän maksusuunnitelma (Repayment plan for the recovery of overpaid benefit).

You can propose a payment plan for the recovery of child support debt and student loans paid under the loan guarantee by sending a message in the e-service. As subject for the message, select Liikamaksut ja perintäasiat (Overpayment and recovery).

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