Submitting an application

Normally, an application is pending once it arrives at Kela. The pending date is used for example to determine the period for which you may be able to receive benefit retrospectively.

There are certain exceptions:

  • Applications for a pension become pending at Kela on the date they are submitted to an earnings-related pension provider or customer-service point, or to a foreign institution.
  • Applications for student financial aid become pending once received by the Centre for Student Financial Aid, a school financial aid committee or an educational institution. Applications for loan guarantees under the adult education subsidy scheme become pending once received by Kela, an education institution or the Education Fund.
  • Applications for school transportation subsidy become pending once received by an educational institution.

You may submit an application for a Kela benefit also by e-mail, in which case your application will become pending on the date your message is received. However, if you use e-mail, Kela will send you a regular application form (as well as any additional documents needed) and ask you mail to it in by the required deadline.

All incoming applications, also those missing critical information, are registered by Kela on the day they arrive. If an application is not decided by the unit registering it, it is forwarded electronically to the responsible unit. Prior to registration, the applicant's personal details are checked for possible errors. Applications for reimbursement of medical expenses are not registered separately before being determined.

You can check the status of your applications online at Kela´s e-service. Received applications appear online after registration. The e-service is so far available only in Finnish and Swedish.