to replace Katso for logging in to Kela's e-service

Katso IDs and roles are currently used to log in to Kela's e-services for institutional clients. However, the Katso service is scheduled to be discontinued by the turn of the year.

Most of Kela’s e-services for employers and partner organisations have already made the switch from Katso to identification. The benefit information service Kelmu and the e-service for employers will make a transition to strong authentication by the autumn of 2020.

The Katso authorisation functions will also be replaced with equivalent functions during 2020. However, Katso authorisation will remain available until the end of the year.

New foreign national identification service will replace Katso identification for representatives of non-Finnish companies

A new identification method, a mobile application called Finnish Authenticator, will replace Katso for foreign nationals.

As a rule, Kela’s e-services require strong identification so that the user’s identity can be verified.

Because identification using the Finnish Authenticator application replaces the Katso service, which will be discontinued, it is intended only for foreigners who have used Katso identification and who do not have a Finnish personal identity code and cannot use Finnish identification tokens.

Identification with Finnish Authenticator is intended for use exclusively by foreign nationals who conduct business on Kela’s e-service as the representative of a non-Finnish organisation and who do not have a Finnish personal identity code. Finnish Authenticator will replace the Katso identification service for these users.

Katso IDs will not be migrated automatically to Finnish Authenticator.

How to use the identification service

Foreign nationals using the Finnish Authenticator service register their personal foreigner’s user ID (UID) and verify their identity using the Finnish Authenticator application.

In the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service, a foreigner registers his or her foreigner’s user identifier (UID) and verifies his or her identity using the Finnish Authenticator application.

After registering you will be able to log in to the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service, but you cannot yet use the Finnish government e-services. You need to elevate your account status by completing ID proofing with the Finnish Authenticator app. In connection with this first identification, users must take a photo of themselves as well as of their passport or national ID card. The identification service confirms the user’s identity if the photo and the information in the identity document match.

After registering and completing the steps required upon the initial use of the application, foreigners can log in to the e-service using their user identifier or email, password and application PIN.

The Finnish Authenticator Identification Service can be used to log in to Kela’s e-services starting from 26 September 2020.

Katso roles to be replaced by authorisations

Foreign nationals must also apply for the necessary authorisations in order to use Kela's e-services. Katso roles are not converted automatically to authorisations. Instead, the authorising company must grant all of the mandates needed to use the e-service on the e-authorisations section of

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