Handling your Kela-matters during the coronavirus epidemic

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, we recommend that you handle your Kela-related matters

  1. online 
  2. by phone.

Please avoid visits to our customer service points during the epidemic. When you contact us by phone, you can get personal advice and can conduct your business just as if you were visiting a customer service point.

Please note: Our customer service specialists answering your call cannot speed up the processing of your application or tell you when you will you receive a decision. Visit our website to check the current estimated processing times of different applications for benefit. 


By using our e-services, you can apply for most benefits, transmit supporting documents, check the decision issued on your application, and send messages to us. If you provide a phone number where you can be reached, someone from Kela can contact you if needed. 

  • Check further information and sign in to our e-services online

By phone

You can handle most Kela-related matters by phone.

  • Our telephone service in Finnish and Swedish is open weekdays 9:00–16:00.
  • Our telephone service in North Sámi is open weekdays 13:00–15:00.
  • The English-language service is open weekdays 9:00-15:00.
  • Look up the right number online and call.

Booking a phone appointment

If you have a lot to discuss, you can book an appointment for telephone service. By having our customer service specialist call you back, you won’t be charged for the call. Book your appointment online or call our customer service number.

Visiting a customer service point

If you do decide to visit us, please

  1. practise good hand hygiene
  2. maintain a distance to others
  3. wear a mask.

Please do not visit us if you have symptoms that suggest a coronavirus infection, are in quarantine or know that you have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Most of the customer service points are open normally, but some are open by appointment only. Before coming in, check our customer service locator for when and how the customer service point is open. 

  • If the customer service point is open by appointment only, call our customer service. It’s possible that your questions or concerns can be resolved right away over the phone.
  • If your matter is not resolved and you will need to visit a customer service point, Kela's representative can set up an appointment for you.
  • Online you can only book phone appointments. When Kela’s customer service specialist calls you, the call is completely free of charge to you.

The customer service points have adopted several practices designed to reduce the risk of infection. Guidance to customers is not provided in the reception area, but rather at a dedicated service desk. Most customer service points have installed protective shields or sneeze guards to ensure a safe distance between the customer and the customer service specialist.

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