How to apply for an earnings-related pension

If you completed your degree in Finland, you need not do anything. The Finnish Centre for Pensions (Eläketurvakeskus) gathers information on degrees and qualifications obtained from study records and from the educational institutions.

  1. If you completed your degree outside Finland, tell Kela about it on a notification titled Ilmoitus ulkomaisessa oppilaitoksessa suoritetusta tutkinnosta (OT 29).
    • If you received financial aid towards your degree, you will be mailed the notification form during your last month of financial aid.
    • It is a good idea to make the notification as soon as you graduate, but it is possible to do so later on as well.
  2. Scan or take a picture of the form and send it to Kela online. (Available in Finnish and Swedish only)
  3. Alternatively you can either mail the notification to Kela or take it to your nearest Kelas customer service office.
  4. Kela will communicate the necessary information to the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

You can check the information by consulting your pension record. The earliest that the information will show up in your record is the summer following graduation or notification.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions and the authorised pension providers are responsible for issuing decisions and providing advice on earnings-related pensions.

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