If you lose your card

If you lose your Kela card, you can apply for a new card from Kela. The application (SV 157e, PDF) must contain your personal details and an explanation of how you lost the card. A new photoless Kela card is free.

Lost or misplaced Kela photocards are no longer replaced. New Kela photocards are issued only in the event that the cardholder's personal information or health insurance details change.

If you lose your ID card, you must notify the police. Upon your request, the police will cancel the card and invalidate the electronic identity code on the card. A new identity card costs 40 euros. For details, see the website of the police.

If you lose your European Health Insurance Card in Finland, contact a Kela's customer service points. If you lose your card while abroad, ask your local Kela's customer service points or Kela's Centre for International Affairs to send you a temporary replacement certificate. You can also ask the health insurance institution of the country in which you are staying to obtain a replacement certificate from Kela.