Current developments

Through research and other projects, we contribute to the development of Kela’s services and of the social security system. We also collaborate with a number of different organisations. This page lists the development projects in which we are currently involved.

Research projects

Kela Research supports the further development of the Finnish social security system and of Kela’s benefit provision and other operations. Current research by topic

Social security reform

The goal of the social security reform is to create a transparent and well-functioning system. Preparatory work for the reform is currently underway in a parliamentary committee, which was set up in early 2020. Kela is involved in the preparatory work. Additional information on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health website (

Valtava project

The goal of the Valtava project is to come up with innovative new ways for producing data needed to manage, guide and supervise the process of creating comparative data and services on a national basis. A collaborative effort between the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Kela and Valvira, the work proceeds under the supervision of the Finnish Government. 

Information on the coronavirus and social security

Researchers and statisticians at Kela Research have compiled a continually updated status report on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the number of applications received and the typical applicants.

Open data

Open data produced by Kela is published at

Open data is also available on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on benefit applications and recipients (Koronamittarit, in Finnish).

Open data consists of machine-readable data which is publicly available at no charge and licensed for all uses. It never contains any personal information.