Kanta Services

With the Kanta Services, patient and client data is shared easily between social welfare and healthcare organisations, pharmacies and citizens. The Kanta Services are developed and maintained by Kela.

The entity of the Kanta Services consists of many different services. The most widely known service is My Kanta Pages, in which citizens can view their own health data and prescriptions. You can also request a repeat prescription and record a living will in My Kanta Pages.

More than half of Finnish citizens are using My Kanta Pages, and the user numbers are rising further. My Kanta Pages had more than 20 million logins in 2019.

Patient safety and knowledge-based management

In both public and private healthcare services, patient data is entered in the Kanta Services, and that way up-to-date data is available throughout the country. In future, all data in the social welfare services will also be saved in Kanta.

Sharing of patient and client data between organisations helps to understand the client’s overall situation and improves patient safety and quality of care. Digitalisation also creates a basis for knowledge-based management and the use of data for research purposes.

International trailblazer

Finland has been blazing the trail in the building of information management in social welfare and healthcare services both at home and abroad. The Kanta Services also enables sharing of data between European countries.

It is currently possible to purchase medicines with a Finnish prescription in Estonia and Croatia, and soon also in Portugal. More countries are joining the scheme. In the future, the service can also incorporate a European patient summary for doctors to access the patient’s basic details also in an overseas country.

Where can I get more information?

Further information about the Kanta Services is available in the kanta.fi web service, which includes details about the operation of the Kanta Services, as well as topical issues, statistics, and information about authorisations for using data for research purposes.