Products and services


The products and services provided by Kela’s Information Services are listed alphabetically on this page.

Applications for analysing data on social security

Exchange of information

Exchange of information with other Finnish organisations

  • Kelmu, an online portal for accessing information on social security benefits, is aimed at government authorities and Kela’s partner organisations that are authorised under law to obtain information from Kela about benefits.

International exchange of information

Information in brief

  • Information in brief is a series of concise but comprehensive summaries on various topics of research.

Kanta services


  • Kelasto is a statistical database produced by Kela.
  • It contains key statistical data on the social security schemes administered by Kela. Users can create customised reports from the statistical data compiled by Kela.
  • Instructions for using Kelasto


  • Kela’s library specialises in topics related to social welfare. The basis for the library’s collections is literature covering social security, social policy and legislation.

Published research and statistics

Research expertise

  • Contact us to consult with one of our team of social security experts.

Research blog

Research permits to access Kela register data

  • Requests for access to use Kela register data for research purposes should be submitted to Kela when Kela is the sole source of data. Information and instructions
  • Findata (  issues research permits and responds to requests for data when data are obtained from several sources.

Statistical Information Service

  • Contact the Statistical Information Service if you need statistics on Kela’s benefits and other operations or general information about the statistics.