Book student interpreter service

Book a student interpreter via the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled as soon as you have been granted the right to interpreter service.

State the following in your booking:

  • your name, customer number or date of birth
  • for what type of studies you need interpreter service, degree or qualification being completed
  • total duration of the studies
  • start and end dates of the academic year
  • estimate of the hours of study per day
  • address and locality of the educational institution
  • other relevant information related to the studies (e.g. study language)

Student interpreter for the whole academic year

A student interpreter is allocated starting from the autumn for one academic year at a time (e.g. 1 August to 31 May). You will receive information about the student interpreter for the next academic year at the end of July or the beginning of August. If your studies do not begin in the autumn, an interpreter will be allocated immediately.

The Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled looks for a suitable interpreter on the basis of your booking and the information you have provided. If you accept the suggested interpreter, he or she will be allocated to the booking.

No interpreter list is used for student interpreter service.

Book an interpreter before the academic year starts

Remember to book a student interpreter for the next academic year in time, preferably before Midsummer. 

Send the study schedule to the interpreter

When you have received the study schedule, you should send it to the interpreter without delay.

Report changes to the interpreter

If there are changes in your school days, you should report them to the interpreter without delay.

Such changes are for instance

  • a class is cancelled or there are new classes
  • study-related visits or excursions are made outside the study schedule
  • the place for the classes changes (e.g. same school but different building)
  • you are absent from school due to illness

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