How to use the interpreter service

When you have been granted the right to interpreter service, you can start using the service. You can also receive introduction to the use of the service.

Do as follows

  • Start using a personal interpreter list.
  • Check the customer data and, when necessary, update them.
  • Book an interpreter.


If you wish, you can receive introduction to and guidance on the use of the interpreter service.

The introduction includes the following topics:

  • what interpreter service is
  • what the role and responsibilities of the interpreter are
  • number of hours of interpreter service.

The introduction is intended for new customers, but you can also receive introduction even if you have already used the service. You can also say that you do not want any introduction.

Personal interpreter list

The personal interpreter list is a list of interpreters to whom your bookings are primarily allocated. You compile the list together with Kela.

Information on the interpreters is available on the websites of the service providers.

Update the customer data

The Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled allocates an interpreter who is suitable for your needs on the basis of the customer data that you have reported.

Update the customer data on the customer registration form. On the same form you should also report whether you wish to use an interpreter list.

Book an interpreter

Book an interpreter via the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled. The contact information for bookings is different for the different regions, because the bookings are processed and allocated separately for each region. Check the contact information for your region.

When you book an interpreter, also state for what purpose you need interpreter service. Interpreter service can only be arranged when you know that you will need interpreter service beforehand. On the basis of the data you have reported, the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled assesses the best way of arranging the service.

Don't forget

  • The right to interpreter service that you have been granted is personal. You cannot transfer it to anyone else.
  • You can authorise for instance an association to book an interpreter on your behalf for interpretation at a public event.
  • You cannot use interpreter service in place of other services, such as personal assistance. 

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