Interpreter service for studies after basic education

Student interpreter service means interpreter service that you need for studies after basic education. You can apply for the right to student interpreter service, if you have been granted the right to interpreter service for the disabled.

A prerequisite is that the studies

  • lead to a degree or qualification (studies at upper secondary school/senior high school, institute of vocational education, university of applied sciences or university)
  • promote entry to vocational education or employment or
  • support continued participation in working life or advancement in working life

You can use student interpreter service to the extent needed. Student interpreter service does not reduce the number of hours of other interpreter service that you have been granted.

Student interpreter service includes

You can be granted interpreter service for the following types of situations: 

  • classroom teaching, practical classes
  • on-the-job training (in Finland and abroad) or for those studying for a teacher’s qualification, practical teacher’s training
  • evaluation and feedback discussions with the teacher
  • study guidance and counselling
  • guidance of final project
  • group projects (on the school premises within normal working hours) and agreeing on timetable and distribution of work with other students
  • online courses and lectures required for the studies which include sections where interpretation is needed
  • exams and competence-based qualifications
  • visits to the student health care services during the school day
  • gathering material for final project, e.g. interviews
  • updating of the picture folder or picture communication application for students with speech impairment
  • guidance on how to travel to and from school for students with hearing impairment
  • excursions during school hours, study-related trips (also abroad) and other similar study-related events
  • interpretation by phone during breaks and intermissions, which may also include attending to matters that are not study-related.

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