Interpreter service for travel abroad

Kela also arranges interpreter service for travel abroad. You can get interpreter service for travel abroad, if you have been granted the right to interpreter service for the disabled.

The travel abroad needs to be related to your everyday life, work or studies. Interpreter service can only be arranged if you know that you will need interpreter service beforehand, which also applies to travel abroad.

Apply and book the interpreter service well in advance of your travel. From January 2, 2020, you can apply for and book the interpreter service for travel abroad at the same time.

Travels of a maximum of 2 weeks

You can be granted interpreter service for travels of a maximum of two weeks. Interpreter service for longer travels can only be granted if the need for interpreter service during the travel abroad is related to work or studies, or if you have some other justifiable reason.

You do not need to apply for interpreter service separately for short cruises of less than 24 hours during which you do not leave the ship. Such a cruise is considered domestic travel.[JS1] 

Travel abroad and interpreter list

If you have a personal interpreter list, we strive to allocate an interpreter from the list. If all the interpreters on your list have already been booked, the Centre for interpreter service will contact you.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you fall suddenly ill or have an accident while abroad, you receive medical treatment in the EU and EEA countries and in Switzerland to the same cost as local residents, if you have a European Health Insurance Card.

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