Kela finance tree

The new Kela finance-tree tool helps to visualise the distribution of social security expenditures and offers a way to analyse the expenditure data according to benefit categories, municipalities and regions.

The finance-tree tool is based on a unique set of register data collected by Kela for the year 2018. 

How to use the Kela finance tree tool


  • Launch the Kela finance tree tool.
  • The starting screen includes a short overview of the tool. To close the overview, click on the X at top right.   
  • The starting screen shows total benefit expenditures for all of Finland. 
  • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to browse benefit expenditures by different groups and categories of benefit.
  • Alternatively, you can use the buttons on the left side of the screen.
  • Located at the left of the top bar, the Search button (a magnifying glass) allows you to look up the data you want.
  • At bottom left there is a zoom window that shows the section you are currently examining.

Total expenditure on benefits

  • Total expenditure on benefits is the starting page. It shows the benefit expenditure by region, divided into eight groups of benefit.
  • Click on a group/category of benefit or a region to view a regional analysis in bar graph format.
  • To close the bar graph, click the X at top right.
  • The Region–Benefit/Benefit-Region menu allows you to choose whether to view the data by region or by category of benefit.  
  • The arrow button at top right lets you sort the data either by size or alphabetically. 
  • The i button at the right of the top bar returns you to the starting screen.

Benefit expenditure per resident

  • To view per-resident benefit expenditures, click See benefit expenditure per resident at top right to open a new graph. 
  • The starting screen shows the data for the entire country analysed by groups of benefit.
  • The Select municipality menu at the centre of the top bar allows you to select the municipality or region you want.
  • The other buttons work the same way they do in the other graphs.
  • To return to the previous graph, click See the total benefit expenditure at top right.


  • For a more detailed look at the data, click Description of data, sources and considerations for further analysis of the data, which can be found at the end of the overview.

More information is available in Kela’s research blog, which includes analyses of the allocation of benefits by region and municipality (in Finnish).

Try out the Kela finance-tree tool