Kela photocard

New Kela photocards are no longer being issued. All photocards issued by 13 October 2008 remain valid.

With the Kela photocard,

you can prove your identity at Kela offices. Other institutions and companies decide for themselves whether to accept it as ID.

Additional information on the photocard

The following types of additional information can be indicated on your Kela photocard:

  • indication that you are a pensioner
  • indication that you are eligible for pensioner discounts for public transport fares
  • disease codes showing your eligibility for special reimbursement of prescription drug costs
  • R code (for those who have been issued a Front-Line Service or Veteran's Badge)
  • MR code (for those who have participated in minefield clearance operations)

If your pensioner status is indicated on the card, you can also request to have the card show your eligibility for discounted fares from VR, Matkahuolto or Finnair.

Pensioner card

Persons under 65 years who receive a pension from Kela but do not receive an earnings-related pension or comparable benefit will be able to get a dedicated pensioner card.

When presented together with an ID, the pensioner card can be used to prove one's entitlement to pensioner discounts. In certain cases, pensioner cards can also be issued to persons receiving both a Kela pension and a pension or comparable benefit from some other source.