Materials of the basic income experiment for research use

The basic income experiment resulted in register material and, in addition, survey data were gathered in the evaluation project. The materials may be obtained for research purposes.

Basic income register 

The basic income register can be obtained for research purposes as ready-made research data from Statistics Finland’s FionaA remote access system. The data gathered in the register may only be used for research in connection with the basic income experiment.

The user of the material must apply for a research permit from Kela. When the permit has been granted, Statistics Finland provides access to the basic income register in the Fiona system. 

The basic income register includes the target group of the basic income experiment, i.e. data on whether the person was included in the experiment group or the control group. The material also includes data on the periods for which basic income has been paid, basic income payments and set-offs. 

The basic income register does not include other data on the person, for instance background data or data on employment. These data can be combined with the basic income register data from other materials of Statistics Finland. Permission to use these materials must be applied for with Statistics Finland.

How to apply for research permit for the basic income register from Kela

Research permit is applied for from Kela with an application form. 

The following documents must be included with the application: 

  • an updated research plan 
  • a privacy statement
  • a publication plan 
  • a confidentiality agreement signed by all who will have access to the data
  • invoicing details 

No specification document is needed. State in the application that the application concerns research permit for ready-made material from the basic income register. The application documents must also show the materials that the basic income register data will be combined with.
Send the application and the enclosed documents to Kela electronically to the address

Instructions for applying for research permits and fee schedule for research data permits: Research data permits and data materials 

Survey material of the basic income experiment

A survey on the basic income experiment was conducted in the experiment group and the control group in autumn 2018. The survey material is available from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive for research purposes, including Master’s theses and licentiate and doctoral dissertations. 

Additional information about the materials is provided by

  • Signe Jauhiainen, Head of Research, tel. 050 331 3982,
  • Miska Simanainen, Researcher, tel. 050 552 2095,