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Personal care items

  • Bra pads, 1 pair, soft inside, leak-proof absorptive layer.
    • Supplier: Ryhmittymä Rhymetime Oy ja Sasima Oy.
  • Nail scissors, curved, blunt tip.
    • Supplier: Jutta Product Oy.
  • Toothbrush, short and soft bristles. Suitable as the baby’s first toothbrush.
    • Supplier: THJ Promotions Oy.
  • Nipple cream, 30 ml, lanolin (100 %), fragrance-free, no colouring agents.
    • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy.
  • Condoms, 5 pcs/package, natural rubber latex, transparent.
    • Supplier: Jutta Product Oy.
  • Lubricant, 100 ml.
    • Supplier: Suomen RFSU Oy.
  • Sanitary towels, 10 pcs.
    • Supplier: Oy SCA Hygiene Products Ab.
  • Bath thermometer, white polystyrene, measuring fluid is harmless rapeseed oil, no petroleum, temperature strip printed in black.
    • Supplier: Suomen Lämpömittari Oy.
  • Hairbrush, soft, natural bristles.
    • Supplier: VS-Harja Oy.
  • Muslin squares, 4 pcs. Size: 80 x 80 cm. Material: cotton (100%).
    • Supplier: Imlitex Textile UAB.