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Personal care items

Bra pads, 1 pair, soft inside, leak-proof absorptive layer.

  • Supplier: TJH Promotions Oy.

Nail scissors, blunt tip.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy.

Toothbrush, short, soft bristles. Suitable as the baby’s first toothbrush.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy.

Nipple cream, 30 ml.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy.

Condoms, 5 pcs/package.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy.

Lubricant, 45 ml.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy.

Sanitary towels, 10 pcs.

  • Supplier: Oy Essity Finland Ab.

Bath thermometer, white polystyrene, measuring fluid is harmless rapeseed oil, no petroleum. Temperature strip printed in black.

  • Supplier: Suomen Lämpömittari Oy.

Thermometer, easy-to-use digital thermometer, temperature can be measured from the armpit, suitable for measuring the temperature of babies. Sound signal when measurement ready. Replaceable battery, waterproof. Result obtained in maximum of 30 seconds. Non-toxic. Approved within the EU. Meets the requirements of the Finnish legislation. Case for the thermometer.
Hairbrush, soft, natural bristles.

  • Supplier: VS-Harja Oy.

Due to delivery difficulties, 4 muslin squares have been omitted from the 2019 maternity package.