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Personal care items

Bra pads, 1 pair. Natural white. Leak-proof absorptive layer.

  • Material: microfibre, cotton, bamboo.
  • Supplier: TJH Promotions Oy

Nail scissors. Short blades, safe to use.

  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Supplier: TJH Promotions Oy

Toothbrush for baby.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy

Nipple cream, 30 ml.

  • Supplier: Pedihealth Oy

Condoms, 5 pcs/package.

  • Supplier: Suomen RFSU Oy

Lubricant, 100 ml.

  • Supplier: Suomen RFSU Oy

Sanitary towels, 10 pcs/package. Thin, disposable.

  • Supplier: Delipap Oy

Bath thermometer. Black print.

  • Material: white polystyrene, measuring fluid is rapeseed oil.
  • Supplier: Suomen Lämpömittari Oy

Thermometer and protective case. Easy-to-use digital thermometer; temperature can be measured from the armpit. Voice signal when measurement ready. Replaceable battery, result obtained in maximum of 30 seconds. Waterproof. Supplier: Berner Oy

Hairbrush for children. Soft, natural bristles.

  • Supplier: VS-Harja Oy