Adjustments to Kela services during the postal strike

Clients are advised to use Kela’s e-services to complete and transmit their applications and supporting documentation.

Because letter mail will not be delivered during the postal strike, clients may find it more difficult to submit applications and supporting documents. During the strike, clients can conduct their Kela-related business in three ways: online, by phone or by visiting a customer service point.


Clients are recommended to use Kela’s e-services for all Kela-related matters, wherever possible. Documents supporting an application can be submitted online as well.

By phone

During the postal strike, Kela will use the phone as a principal way of contacting clients and will request additional documents by phone if other customer service options are not available. Deadlines for submitting additional documents will be extended where possible.

Clients who cannot use e-services should make an appointment for phone customer service.

Visiting a customer service point

Clients can visit a customer service point to fill in applications and submit supporting documentation.

Public-access computers are available at most Kela customer service points. Clients can also come in with their own mobile device to get assistance with the e-services. Clients are recommended to have their online banking credentials or mobile ID with them when visiting a customer service point. A power of attorney is needed when interacting with Kela on behalf of another person.

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