Apply for school transport subsidy well in advance

School transport subsidy is available by application, and a separate application is required for each academic year. If you plan to apply for the subsidy, you should do so well in advance, because the earliest that Kela can grant the subsidy is the beginning of the month preceding that in which the application is made.

Kela pays school transport subsidy to students in vocational education, upper secondary schools and basic education for adults. School transport subsidy can be provided if the one-way trip to school is at least 10 kilometres.

Submit your application to your school

To qualify for school transport subsidy, your monthly travel expenses to and from school must be at least 54 euros. Complete an application for school transport subsidy (KM1) and submit it to your school. Your school will check your application and provide you with a voucher.

The voucher allows you to buy a bus ticket from Matkahuolto at the subsidised price of 43 euros. You will later receive a written decision from Kela. You can also access Kela's e-service to view the decision.

If you use Waltti bus services

If you have access to Waltti bus services in your area, you can qualify for school transport subsidy even if your monthly ticket costs less than 54 euros. Submit an application for school transport subsidy to your school, which will provide you with a voucher. You will be charged no more than 43 euros for a Waltti travel card.

Did you forget to get a voucher?

If you bought a monthly ticket without a voucher, you can apply for the subsidy afterwards. For tickets bought without a voucher, Kela provides school transport subsidy for the month of application and the preceding month. Tickets bought without a voucher are subsidised on the basis of the lowest monthly fare. However, the fare must be at least 54 euros in order to be covered by the school transport subsidy.

If public transport is not available

If you do not have access to public transport or dedicated school transport, you can be granted school transport subsidy for the use of your own car or some other self-arranged transportation. In that case, the amount of the subsidy will depend on the length of the subsidised trip. One-way trips between 10 and 100 kilometres can be subsidised. The trips to and from school are both taken into account when the school transport subsidy is calculated. There are also certain other exceptional situations in which the school transport subsidy may be available for self-arranged transportation. 

Additional information for customers:

Telephone assistance with student financial aid: 020 634 2550, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00

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