Apply in time for social assistance for January

The Christmas holidays affect the processing of the social assistance for January. It is worthwhile to file the application for social assistance in time so that the assistance can be paid out in the beginning of January.

Due to the Christmas holidays there are fewer business days in December than in other months. This should be taken into account when you apply for social assistance for January. In January, social assistance is paid on 2 January 2018. The assistance can be paid into your account on that date, if you have filed your application and the necessary supporting documents at the latest on 17 December.

Kela issues a decision on social assistance within 7 business days of the date when the application was received. However, this requires that Kela has also received all the supporting documents that are needed for the application. If supporting documents are missing from the application, Kela asks the customer to submit them. In such a case, the application will be decided within 7 business days of the day on which Kela received the supporting documents that are missing.

Urgent cases are processed separately

If a customer is in urgent need of social assistance, the customer should contact a Kela office or call the customer service number 020 634 2550. Urgent situations can be for instance a crisis in life or threat of eviction.

If the customer has urgent need of social assistance outside Kela’s office hours, the municipality can after due consideration award preventive social assistance.

If a need for social assistance arises during the Christmas holidays, the customer should contact the emergency social services in the municipality of residence.

In the period 27 November - 3 December Kela received 28 249 applications for social assistance. The average processing time was 5,7 business days when there was no need to ask for further information concerning the application.

You can check the status of your application in Kela's online customer service. To log in to the online customer service (in Finnish) or (in Swedish), use your online banking codes or a mobile ID.

Additional information for customers: