Basic social assistance: New format for customer letters and decision notices

Letters and decision notices issued to basic social assistance customers will be updated to a new format at the beginning of November. The updated format is more readable and makes it easier to see the main points at a glance. The update will not affect the basic social assistance scheme in any way.

Kela will switch to a new system on 30 October 2021 for reviewing basic social assistance applications. As part of the transition, the letters and decision notices received by applicants will become clearer and more browsable. The key points, including whether the application is approved or denied, the amount of assistance and the payment date, as well as additional documentation that may be needed to process a follow-up application, will be listed on the first page. The new system will also be more user friendly for Kela’s claims processors.

The amount of the assistance and the payment date will not change

Only the design and structure of the decision notices will be updated; the basic social assistance scheme will not change in any way.  All decisions that Kela issues on applications for social assistance will be affected, including payment notices for submitted invoices.

Letters and decision notices based on the updated format will be issued starting from the beginning of November 2021. Clients will first encounter the new format in or soon after November when they get their next decision on social assistance.

By then, Kela will have transitioned the sickness and disability allowances and the government loan guarantee for adult students to the new system. The rest of the benefits available from Kela will be transferred to the new system in stages.

Sample first page of an updated decision notice

First page of a redesigned notice of decision on basic social assistance. The decision is easier to read and the main points are outlined at the beginning

Additional information for customers