Decisions on student loan compensation were not sent to students in November due to a technical error – the letters have now been sent to 13,500 graduates

At the beginning of November, Kela intended to send the decisions on student loan compensations to higher education students who graduated in the spring term of 2021 and who had taken out a student loan during their studies. The letters were, however, not sent off from Kela due to a technical error. Kela has now sent out the letters. Students that have graduated have been able to see the decision in the OmaKela e-service as of 3 November 2021. 

On 2 November 2021, Kela issued a positive decision or a negative preliminary decision on student loan compensation to those higher education students who graduated from their studies in the spring term of 2021, i.e. no later than 31 July 2021. The total number of decisions and preliminary decisions is about 13,500, of which the number of declining preliminary decisions is 3,500 and the number of positive decisions is 10,000. The letters with the decisions or preliminary decisions were not sent out to students in November, because of a technical error in Kela’s printing system. Kela has now sent out the letters.

– This is a very unfortunate situation, and we are very sorry that this has happened. We have now extended the time limit for filing a request for a review, so that especially those students who received a negative preliminary decision would not be caused any disadvantage by this, comments Piia Kuusisto of Kela’s Student Financial Aid Section.

For those who received a positive decision, Kela paid the student loan compensation to their bank on 4 November 2021. Students have been able to see the decisions or decision proposals in the OmaKela e-service as of 3 November 2021.

Deadline for requests for review extended until 7 January 2022

If a student is dissatisfied with a negative decision proposal, he or she can write to Kela requesting a review. Instructions for filling a request for a review and for making an appeal are attached to the decision.

The decision or preliminary decision states that a request for a review or an appeal should be sent to Kela by 10 December 2021 at the latest, but due to the exceptional situation the time limit has been extended until 7 January 2022. Students who are not able to use the OmaKela e-service, can call Kela at 020 692 209.

Students who are satisfied with the decision they have received, need not take any action. If a student has received a positive decision, Kela will amortize his or her student loan by the amount of the student loan compensation. If a student has not taken out any student loan during his or her higher education studies, Kela will not send them any decision on the student loan compensation.

Additional information for customers:

Telephone assistance with student financial aid:
020 634 2550, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00

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Pia Kuusisto, Benefit Manager, Kela’s Student Financial Aid Section

Tel. 040 687 8152

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