Eligibility for parental allowance requires proof of postnatal check-up

Eligibility for the parental allowance requires the applicant to provide proof to Kela of having had a postnatal check-up. There have been no recent changes to this requirement.

After giving birth, mothers must have a check-up within the next 5 to 12 weeks. The check-up is done either by a doctor practising in the public or private sector, by a midwife, or by an appropriately trained public health nurse. Applications for parental allowance must be accompanied by proof of having had a postnatal check-up.

The requirement that applicants must provide proof to Kela remains unchanged.

A doctor at the maternity and child health clinic can provide a certificate that can be enclosed with the application. This requirement has not changed. According to Johanna Aholainen at Kela, customers who apply for parental allowance before having a postnatal check-up can provide the necessary proof after having had the checkup. A convenient way to do so is to use the OmaKela e-service.

In some situations, Kela can exceptionally grant the parental allowance even if the applicant has not had a postnatal check-up. Reduced access to health services due to COVID-19 is accepted as one reason for which exceptions can be made and where customers do not have to provide proof of having had a postnatal check-up if it is simply not possible. However, customers who manage to have a check-up and get a certificate as proof of that must provide it to Kela.

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