Exceptional opening hours at Kela in spring 2018

Kela’s customer service locations and telephone service will be closed

  • over Easter, from 30 March to 2 April
  • on May Day, 1 May
  • on Ascension Day, 10 May

Answers to many of your questions on the internet

You can easily and speedily find the answers to many of your questions on Kela’s website.

Via Kela’s online customer service (www.kela.fi/asiointi) you can apply for almost all benefits and check for instance how the processing of your application progresses. To log in to the online customer service, use your online banking codes or a mobile ID.

In the online customer service you can

  • apply for Kela benefits
  • report changes in your circumstances and stop the payment of benefits
  • make changes to your bank account information
  • check if your application has been decided, how much you will be paid, and what the payment dates are
  • send messages concerning benefit matters.

Also visit the Kysy Kelasta discussion forum, where experts from Kela answer questions every working day.

Additional information for customers: