How to tell that an incoming call is from Kela

Kela has two main phone numbers that it uses for calls to customers. That way customers can tell that an incoming call is from Kela. By answering, customers can help to speed up the processing of their case.

Phone calls from Kela to individual customers typically come from one of two numbers: 020 692 219 or 020 634 1611. Customers with pending benefit-related matters should store these numbers on their phone. Calls in Swedish or English will also typically come from one of these numbers.

Kela staff members may also call customers if more information or additional documentation is needed to review their application. Calling the customer is the quickest way for Kela to get the additional information, and applications can be reviewed faster when Kela can get the needed information by phone.

Kela will also call customers who have made a phone appointment or have requested Kela to call them back to avoid long wait times.

In certain situations, Kela may call from another number.

Additional information for customers