Kela regrets the inconvenience caused by delays in customer service

The queues at Kela's local offices and in Kela's telephone service continue. Kela's offices and customer service telephone numbers are exceptionally busy due to new social assistance clients. We work very hard to shorten the waiting times.

Currently Kela's local offices are visited by about 12,000 persons per day. The number of customer contacts has increased by 57% compared to the situation a year ago. The local offices in the Helsinki area have been quite exceptionally busy. The busiest days have been Mondays.

Kela currently also receives an exceptionally large number of phone calls: about 20,000 per day. The number of phone calls has doubled compared to the previous year.

It is not yet possible to say at what level the number of customers will stabilise. The queues are likely to continue in February as those who have received a long-term decision on social assistance from the municipality now contact Kela for the first time. The situation has been taken seriously, since the queues have caused unreasonable inconvenience for the customers.

Kela has striven to predict the increase in customer numbers as accurately as possible. At the end of 2016, Kela hired hundreds of new personnel for benefit processing, customer service and managerial tasks related to social assistance. Kela's personnel have also worked plenty of overtime so that the change would not cause inconvenience for the customers.

Data in paper applications will show in the online customer service with a delay

Currently Kela receives a lot of enquiries about why data in paper applications do not show in the online customer service. The data in paper applications will not show in the online service until the application has been registered. However, unfortunately there are currently delays in the registering of applications since Kela has received an uncommonly large number of applications. The data in paper applications will show in the online customer service within 1–5 days after Kela has received the application.

Applications filed online are already in electronic form. They will show in the online customer service immediately when the application has been submitted. 

Check the status of your application in the online customer service

Currently Kela receives a lot of questions about the status of the applications. Visiting a Kela office or calling Kela's telephone service is not a shortcut to quicker processing of your application. The applications are processed in order of arrival.   

In Kela's online customer service ( you can check the status of your application and apply for almost all Kela benefits. To log in to Kela's online customer service, use your bank ID and password or a mobile certificate.

In the online customer service you can

  • apply for Kela benefits
  • report changes in your circumstances and stop the payment of benefits
  • make changes to your bank account information
  • check if your application has been decided, how much you will be paid, and what the payment dates are
  • send messages concerning benefit matters.

Also visit the Kysy Kelasta discussion forum, where Kela's experts answer questions every working day.

Clear and legible supporting documents speed up the processing of the application  

You can also submit supporting documents related to your application online. You can e.g. take a photo of a document with your phone and send it online if it is clearly legible. Watch a video that shows how easy it is to send supporting documents online.

The maximum size of documents sent electronically is 5 Mb. If you have to decrease the size of the file, please note that the document must still be clearly legible.

Call an automated helpline for benefit payment dates

Call 020 634 0210 at any time to check the payment dates of child benefits, child care allowances, pensions, disability benefits, housing benefits, student financial aid payments, and conscript's allowances.
Common payment dates can also be found online at

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