Kela reorganises service for Russian-speaking customers

Starting 16 October 2017, Kela provides service by phone for Russian-speaking customers at 020 6344 901. The customer service number is open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. It is also possible to leave a callback request if the customer service number is busy.

Until now, Russian-speaking customers have been able to communicate with Kela through an interpreter or via videoconferencing, the latter of which has been the most popular foreign-language remote customer service option offered by Kela. A voicemail system has also been in use, where it has been possible for the customer to leave a message with his or her contact information in Russian.

Starting 16 October 2017, Kela provides service for Russian-speaking customers by phone. The service is intended for persons whose proficiency in Finnish, Swedish or English is not sufficient to contact Kela in any other way. The customer service advisors provide guidance and advice in Russian concerning all Kela benefits.

Kela will make more extensive use of its staff’s language skills

Over the past year, Kela has hired staff whose first language is other than Finnish or Swedish. This ensures that customers will get professional help with Kela-related matters in their native language. This also saves on interpretation costs.

Depending on how the new Russian-language service is received, the same type of service may be provided in other languages as well.

Additional information for customers: