Kela’s Statistical Yearbook brings together data on €14.9 billion worth of expenditure on social benefits


The Statistical Yearbook offers comprehensive statistical information on the social security schemes administered by Kela. It provides key statistical data on beneficiaries and the amounts of benefits paid. The Yearbook also outlines the benefit schemes and their eligibility rules.

Kela compiles detailed statistics on the social security schemes it administers, including the number of clients, types of benefit and benefit expenditures. The statistics are used as background to development efforts involving the Kela-administered benefit schemes, the drafting of legislative initiatives, and financial planning.

The Yearbook also presents useful information on the regional distribution of customers and benefits.

According to Marina Lindgren, Director of Information Services, Kela’s data resources offer a unique look at the evolution of social security. In addition to using the data for its own operations, Kela is committed to making it generally available in the form of various products and services.

The publication has expanded over the years as Kela has been given more benefits to administer and the methods of compiling statistics have improved. The first edition of the Yearbook covered the year 1965.

Past editions of the Yearbook dating back to the mid-1990s are available at Also available at the same location are the Kelasto statistical database and a large variety of other statistical publications and information on the Kela-administered benefit schemes.