Kela’s telephone service in Arabic, Russian and Somali as from 1 September

From 1 September, Kela's telephone service in Arabic, Russian and Somali will be open in the mornings 1–2 days per week.

Telephone service in Arabic
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00–12:00
020 634 4902

Telephone service in Somali
Friday 10:00–13:00
020 634 4905

Telephone service in Russian
Monday and Wednesday 9:00–12:00
020 634 4901

The opening hours for the telephone service in Sami will not change.

The telephone service is intended for persons whose language skills are so limited that it is very difficult for them to contact Kela using Finnish, Swedish or English. The idea is to reduce the need for interpreter assistance. When the customer is integrated into the Finnish society and his or her language skills improve, the customer is directed to Kela's services in Finnish, Swedish or English. The customers are also encouraged to use Kela’s online services independently.

By phone, by appointment and online in Finnish, Swedish and English

Customers can conduct most of their Kela-related business by phone. Via the telephone service you can ask for advice, claim benefits and get assistance with our online services. Customer service is available by phone every working day 9:00–16:00. For our customer service numbers, see Kela’s customer service

Customers can also book appointments for telephone service or for a visit to a customer service point, in which case Kela’s customer service advisor checks the customer’s situation beforehand and, in the case of an appointment for telephone service, calls the customer at the agreed time. To make an appointment, customers can go to or call Kela’s customer service. To some customer service numbers you can also leave a callback request. When Kela’s customer service advisor calls a customer who has booked an appointment or left a callback request, the call is completely free of charge for the customer.

Answers to many questions are available on Kela's website, and most Kela-related business can be conducted online. An online bank user ID and password or a mobile ID are needed to log in to the service. In the e-service, you can for instance file claims for benefits and send supporting documentation and also check the status of your claim. You can get help with using the e-service at a customer service point or by phone.

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