Kela seeks to secure continued access to therapy for current clients despite the cessation of Vastaamo’s operations

Kela is seeking to ensure that clients will have uninterrupted access to therapy despite Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo’s bankruptcy filing.

Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo has filed for bankruptcy. The cessation of Vastaamo's operations affects approximately 2,800 Kela customers, 2,600 of whom have received Kela-supported psychotherapy and 180 intensive medical rehabilitation.

Vastaamo has announced that it has a preliminary agreement to sell its business to Verve.

Kela's customers who are undergoing rehabilitative psychotherapy can stay in therapy even if Vastaamo’s business is sold to Verve or their therapist decides to continue their practice in some other way.

With regard to intensive medical rehabilitation, Kela must first consult Verve and approve any proposed changes to existing agreements. Kela must also verify that the quality of the therapy offered meets the criteria set out in the agreement.

The goal is to ensure that customers can continue their therapy uninterrupted with the same therapist. 

According to Mikko Toivanen of Kela, the ideal solution is for the therapy to continue seamlessly at Verve. Kela can help customers impacted by the data breach at Vastaamo find a new therapist, and will support customers facing this difficult situation. Updates will be provided as soon as new information becomes available.

Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo has provided Kela-supported rehabilitative psychotherapy since 2011 and intensive medical rehabilitation since 2015.

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