New system for booking appointments to be launched, requires verification of identity

In September, Kela will launch a new online service for booking an appointment. The new service is simple, easy to use and mobile friendly. To ensure the customers’ privacy, they must identify themselves before making an appointment.

Kela will adopt a new online appointment booking system starting in September 2021. The new system is simple and easy to use and mobile friendly. It is also accessible, meaning that it is compatible with a variety of assistive devices such as screen readers.

The new system allows users to check and manage their appointments more easily. They can log in at any time to check their appointment and other details. Appointments can also be changed or cancelled easily.

Popularity of appointments and increased use of mobile devices

The new system was created as a response to the popularity of scheduled appointments and the need for technical improvements. In 2020, there were 246,000 scheduled customer interactions, compared to 207,500 in 2019. Booking an appointment is particularly useful if the customer’s situation is complicated or there are a lot of things to go through.

Customers are increasingly using Kela’s webpages and online services on mobile devices. For example in 2020, 61% of visitors to were using a mobile device compared to 35% using a computer.

The new system requires users to verify their identity

For reasons of privacy protection, customers must verify their identity before making an appointment. This can be done with online banking codes, a mobile ID or an electronic ID card.

Customers over 18 can use the service to authorise another person to make an appointment for them. A regular power of attorney cannot be used to make appointments online for another person. The guardian of a minor child can make an appointment for their child without going through the authorisation process.

Adoption of the new system this autumn

The process of adopting the new system will begin during the autumn. When the new system is in place, the old system will no longer be available. Appointments made before 20 September can be checked and cancelled by phone.

Customers can only book phone appointments online. In addition customers will continue to have the option of making an appointment by calling Kela's telephone service. If the matter requires a visit to Kela’s customer service point and it is necessary to book an appointment, please call our phone service.

The text of this article has been updated on September 17, 2021 since the adoption of the new system has been postponed. The exact timetable will be informed later.

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