Phishing scam using Kela’s name attempts goes after users’ online bank and credit card information

The fraudulent messages, which purport to be from Kela, claim that the recipient will qualify for additional benefit payments once they complete a fake review process. They prompt the recipient to provide their bank details on a website accessed by clicking a phony link.

The fraudulent messages claim that the recipient has been underpaid a social security benefit. The recipient is instructed to fill in a form to get the money supposedly owed to them. The message is in Finnish, and the link it contains goes to a sign-in page for a phishing website.

The site attempts to get the user to reveal their online banking user ID and password.

What to do if you have received the scam message

  • Do not reply or enter the information required from you
  • Do not open any links included in the message.

If you believe that your credit card or online bank details have been stolen, immediately contact your bank’s customer service department. If you believe that you may have fallen victim to identity theft, or that your banking details have been compromised, see for further instructions (the link opens in

File a criminal complaint if you suspect a crime. You can use the online portal of the police to file the complaint.

For security reasons, you should only provide confidential information to Kela through Kela’s e-services. Kela will never ask for confidential information, such as online banking credentials or credit card information, by email or text message. Use the My Kela e-service portal to communicate with Kela. To sign in to My Kela, go to

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