Reduced number of mailing addresses to Kela as of 1 January 2020

From the start of the new year Kela will centralise the scanning of applications and supporting documentation from individual customers to one place.

Henceforth applications and supporting documents can be sent to the address: Kela, PO Box 10, 00056 KELA.

Previously, applications and supporting documents were sent to the regional scanning centres. Henceforth the scanning of applications and supporting documents sent by mail will be centralised to one scanning centre. The new scanners at the scanning centre make the scanning of applications and supporting documents speedier.

Reducing the number of mailing addresses makes it easier for the customers, as the customer no longer has to know to which regional scanning centre the documents should be sent.

The addresses to the Overpayment Recovery Centre and the Centre for International Affairs will not change. Mail that is sent to the old addresses will be redirected to the correct addresses for one year.

Online, by phone and by appointment

Answers to many questions can be found on Kela’s website, and most Kela-related business can be conducted online. An online bank user ID and password or a mobile ID are needed to log in to the service. In the e-service, you can for instance file applications for benefits and send supporting documentation and also check the status of your application. You can get help with using the e-service at a customer service point or by phone.

You can also contact Kela by phone. Via the telephone service, you can ask for advice, apply for benefits and get assistance with our e-services. Customer service in English is available by phone every working day 9:00–15:00. For our customer service numbers, see

Customers can also book appointments for telephone service, in which case Kela’s customer service advisor checks the customer’s situation beforehand. To make an appointment, customers can go to or call Kela’s customer service. When Kela’s customer service advisor calls a customer, the call is completely free of charge for the customer.

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